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How to Choose the Correct Building Stone

When including building stone or walling stone in a project there are 3 things you need to consider to get the job right.

Firstly you need to choose the colour of stone you like, Secondly the shape of the stone & Thirdly the build style.

The above is all fairly obvious but given that walling stone is a random product you can't always get the shape of stone you like in the colour you want and vice versa.

Choosing the stone colour first is important as to incorporate stone into a build or a project you need to ensure that the building stone you choose will either compare to the other products & finishes you are using in your project or contrast entirely allowing the stone to stand out as a unique feature.

It is best to visualise the house or project as a whole rather than just the areas where you are using stone to get a proper perspective on the colour that is right for you.

Once you have the stone colour or colour theme selected then you can move on to look at the shapes and styles of walling stone available.

Due to stone types and quarry extraction methods stone gets produced pretty much in all shapes and sizes. Some of the stones will be longer than they are tall and others will be entirely random.

This is why it is important to select your colour first. If the shape of stone you like isn't available in the colour of the stone you have chosen then it is time to consider mixing different stones together to get the stone pattern you want from the colour theme you have settled on.

Knowing the desired colour theme leaves you more options then to create the build you want from the natural stone products available by compromising on a mix of different stones in a majority and minority mix keeping the colour theme with that selected whilst creating the desired style or shape of finish also.

For example if the stone colour you like is a predominately uniformed shaped stone and you want a random finish then you can include another stone into this mix that is random in shape to help create the more random effect you want.

Finally the build style will be of vital importance to get the job finished correctly. Choosing the right mason and the right jointing style will make all the difference.

A stone can be made to look modern and fresh or rustic and old all depending on the joint you use and the pattern to which the mason builds the stone to.

If you see a project or finish you like try and get a photo of it and take it into us and we'll be able to tell you what joint was used and recommend a mason to complete the work to the same standard.

I hope this is a help!!

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